Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Things Every Man Should Have

During the holiday shopping season, some online retailers have made large lists of things “every man should own.” I liked the idea and thought I can make something similar too. When I discussed this with a friend while having a beer, he asked me to go for it. A year from now, it will be February of 2015. How many of the following must-haves will you be enjoying then?

This list is subjective.

1. A pen and notebook. To write the life lessons daily.
2. A library card or an eBook reader. Read, read as much as you can.
3. A coffee mug, even if you drink tea from it.
4. Soap and shampoo. Hygiene is important.
5. A hobby. Whichever you like, unless it involves hurting others.
6. A job. So that you can take care of you and your family.
7. A brain. Your heart must dominate it. Not the opposite.

Free Things Every Man Can Enjoy

In addition to these, I've listed a few things you can do that won't cost you anything.

1. Meditate. You don't need to join a yoga class or buy a cushion for this.
2. Learn to stand on your feet. I'm talking about self sufficiency.
3. Read to write and write to read.
4. Learn to cook. Simple food, limited amount.
5. Exercise or involve yourself in an outdoor sport.
6. You must create.
7. Be happy with what you have. Don't let me start on how many children starve to death daily.
8. Learn something new. Often.


  1. Very refreshing post this time Ajesh. It's so true that there are many simple things we can do in life to improve ourselves but we don't. I must say this blog will be an eye-opener for many people - including me for sure.
    I loved this line from you Ajesh: "Learn to stand on your feet. I'm talking about self sufficiency." Such an important truth of life but said in such simple words.

    1. Thank you, Alolika. I'm glad that you keep visiting my blog and like to read the posts. :)
      I've started focusing on the simplicity of life. This post is a reflection of that.

  2. I think this list is applied to women as well. Well written! I love the simplicity of your words and the deep impact they create. You act like a monk at times. :P But I loved this post... a nice reminder for men. ;))

    1. A monk! :D Yes this list can be applied to women as well but I feel men need it more. Women are fine just the way they are (currently) but as men are not OK by the standard.