Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Yes Facebook, I've Dumped You! - 2

It has been almost 9 months since I left Facebook. The initial craziness of those first few months is over and my friends (mostly Facebook friends) have almost forgotten my existence on Facebook. Thanks to my lucky stars, they did.

People who invariably predicted that I'm quitting Facebook to seek attention and I'll be back in no time, have finally filled their timelines with what they are eating and how they are spending their weekends. People who spent tireless evenings trying to convince me why I should be on Facebook, have finally understand that it's much like a death of a loved one. First, you can't believe that he's not there any more, then you miss him, then time, the great healer, comes and slaps you hard so that you can focus on other important things in your life. However, some spiritual creatures who believe death is not the end, still asks – how's life without Facebook? And always my best answer is – You've no idea!

Don't you miss your Facebook friends? Someone asked me desperately, trying to prove the point what a cruel person I am. I couldn't help but laugh. “Facebook friends” – now that's a term! I'm glad to be a 90's kid (no, none of my parent's name is not 90, in case you wonder) where I grew up playing on green fields with mud under our feet, band-aids on our knees, and with actual friends. Yes I could hug, punch, scratch, and even poke them... without the help of any blue colored, virtual, thumb-like button. I've fallen in love without worrying about my relationship status on Facebook. We've spent hours together, without tagging each other on Facebook. We went to great restaurants and enjoyed great foods while our phones were in our bags because none of us felt like showing the menu to our Facebook friends to prove the point what awesome lives we have. Stop being so prehistoric, Ajesh. What's wrong with you?

Maybe it's because I know what it feels to be with real friends. Maybe it's because I've seen how our dear friends change and tries to show off their lifestyles. Maybe it's because I've been an alcoholic and know what addiction is and how tough it is to accept the fact that I'm addicted. Maybe it's because I didn't feel like checking my privacy settings every time I talk to someone. Maybe I didn't feel like stalking other people and ridicule myself. Maybe it's just my problem that I didn't want to upload when I'm farting, sleeping, eating, kissing, smelling a book, watching a movie, taking a long drive, or partying with my friends.

Back to the fun word – Facebook friends! I don't miss them. I don't miss any virtual entity desperately trying to prove his life is cooler than others. I don't give a fuck about people who wish each other without even remembering their birthdays, thanks to Facebook. I have a special list of friends. A very special and precious list it is. And I know that no matter where I am, we will always meet up and have fun. I talk to them face to face while having the best beers in town. They hug me when I'm sad, without Liking my comments and sharing wise quotes. I remember telling this to someone – those who are my friends, will be in touch with me, those who don't care, were never my friends. That's exactly what happened. Now I've a great list of friends, we meet, we text each other, we remember our birthdays, and yes they don't tag me on Facebook.

When I wake up in the morning, I can listen to the birds singing outside my window without having to check my phone to see how many Likes I got on the status I've posted last night. I can read more, paint more, love more, watch more, drink more, fuck more, smile more, sleep more, and dream more without spending hours on a blue-colored website. Life without Facebook, is always MORE. Even though I'm not a fan of Pepsi, but I'd love to end this post using one of their slogans – it's my life and Yeh Dil Maange More!


  1. Ajesh loved it. You make it so evident that most of us are so vain and full of trivial and petty things in life. It's time we take a break and search for the real meaning of life with Facebook or without it. Thanks for making us realize it with your blog. Loved it.

    1. Thanksa lot, Alolika. I didn't mean to criticize anyone though. But I'm happy that you understood what I've tried to mean. :) The more people join this league the better we can enjoy our lives.

  2. THis is best line of your post- However, some spiritual creatures who believe death is not the end, still asks – how's life without Facebook? And always my best answer is – You've no idea!

    1. Thanks, Shilpi. :) Now that you pointed out that line, I also like it. :) I'm happy that you come to my blog and vote for me on a regular basis!!! :))


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