Tuesday, October 1, 2013

It Took Me 20,000 Hits To Write This Shit!

My blog has reached 20,000 hits and I think it's time to re-evaluate my profile as a blogger. I should have stopped writing long ago, right after I passed my graduation with English. But someone continued poking holes in my self-esteem bucket and made me keep updating this blog. I found that for every “wow, you write so well” I get a “fuck this creative bastard.”
For every “wow that's so unique” I get a “where did you copy that from, bastard?”
For every “Ajesh, you should start posting ads on the blog” I get a “why don't you just go fuck yourself, you shameless blogger?”
For every positive comment there is one negative comment and what I've learned is that if we the Bloggers are going to write something of any value, we are surely going to piss some people off. If you write for others, I have to say this to you with my Caps Lock on.

We Bloggers don't always get it right. Sometimes we write in a heat of passion. Sometimes we pretend to be great humorists. Sometimes we write for no reason.
Sometimes we deserve a high five. Sometimes we deserve a knock-out punch straight on our face.
What I've realized is, for those of who write, we write because we cannot survive without it. It soothes the savage beasts in us. It baby seats the fussy eater in us who refuses to write anything but the best. Those of us who were born to write knows that we cannot, we must not, and we should not refrain ourselves from this addiction called writing. Sometimes we say it proudly. Sometimes we write it poorly. And sometimes we write with the blessed ideas freshly baked from the universe. Nevertheless, we write because the show must go on.

Earnest Hemingway puts it better than many other authors.
He said, “Writing is easy. You just sit down at a typewriter and cut open all of your veins.”
Those of who survive to write, know what that guy tried to mean. There are many times I finish writing a story or blog post filled with emotional tears, feeling so exhausted but happy. As if I forgot to sleep for weeks. But then the old writing ghost taunts me. Do you think your readers will like this? Will they appreciate your thoughts? Words, when placed rightly side by side have this long history of provoking wars. Rarely there has been a movement that did not start with written words. The almighty words!

We may write craps. We may write epics. But we the sojourners need some basic ingredients that cooks up a writer. The passion to write, the heart of a poet, the thoughts of a philosopher, the soul that can be detached easily from the body, and the undying narcissism that pokes us in the middle of nights to say that we have something to write about. I love to write and write to love. And I keep checking the page views of my blog, that's the proof that people are coming to my blog, reading my posts, even if they don't feel like writing a line or two...


  1. Good one Ajesh. Really liked it.
    Love the fact that you write on such varied themes. In one you are humorous, in another nostalgic or one in which you give expression to your reflective mood.
    That's why maybe reading all your blogs is such a pleasure. Each time I begin to read your blog, I don't know what to expect and in this way the suspense builds on.

    Carry on the good work.

    1. Geez, Aka! The best gift for a writer is when a reader reads his multiple stories and asks for more. So many good words from you, so much of praise, it feels great to hear such encouraging words from another great writer. :) Thanks a lot.