Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Men Just Want That One Thing!

man quote
I find it amusing when some women (please note, I mentioned “some” not ALL) roll their eyes and say, Men will be men!
Why of course men will be men. They cannot be bug-eyed aliens from the planet Zorg?
Or the last son of Krypton with a red cape hanging from his back?
Another one is, All men are the same!
Hell yeah! There are so many similarities between Hitler, Tagore, and Salman Khan.
And this one is my favorite, Men just want that one thing from us, sex!
Absolutely right. Try seducing him when he is getting ready for office and asking for breakfast.
Or strip in front of him right when India needs 6 runs from the last ball of the match. God save you!
I wonder who invented these one-size-fits-all phrases?

It's an undeniable fact that some beasts torture their wives, rape, molest, tease, and force to have sex without even caring whether the girls want it or not. That's mean, sick, and terrifying! But they are “some beasts” and not all the men. Imagine Subhash Chandra Bose molesting a girl or Abraham Lincoln eve teasing. Next time you hear someone using one of these one-size-fits-all phrases, protest in the name of humanity! Because the term “All Men” includes your caring dad, loving husband, that crazy friend who has been there in your ups and downs, that inspiring teacher in your school, your favorite cricketer, the freedom fighters of your country... it's a long list.

There are two sides of a coin and it's your call.


  1. Indeed....totally agree :-) One size dsnt always fit all :D Well written

    1. Thanks a lot! :) Someone had to protest and I took the responsibility. Glad you liked the write up so much!

  2. Good one Ajesh. Appreciate your attempt to redeem the image of ur male folks :) However, I would like to say the nice ones are the exceptions and exceptions don't always make the rule... ;) What say?

    1. You really need to read the post once again, Alolika. :)
      I haven't mentioned words like "rule" and "domination" here. It's sad that you don't find this true, but it's your loss. ;)

  3. Lol! Loved the way you expressed yourself! :D and love the way your 'about me' rhymes too! :).....and the best part-I love rain! Love the title of your blog!!

    BTW- Plz remove the human verification thing from the comments. Really puts people off :/

    1. Thanks a lot for the awesome comment. It's great to meet another rain-addict who's also a blogger.

      I had to configure my "comments setting" because I was receiving excessive spam and promotional comments. But I will consider your suggestion. Thanks again, keep visiting. :)

    2. :)
      To stop spam you can enable moderation. That way it'll be easier for both the blogger and the reader! :)

    3. Yes, that works too. However, I've heard from some readers that comments moderation pisses people off as well. Let's see what can be done.
      Thanks for following my blog. :) Your support is invaluable.