Friday, September 27, 2013

27 September, Friday 2013

Dear diary, today I'll be knocking on heaven’s door right after I hear the first thunder. I wonder whether someone will open it and let me in. I’ve a firefly to deliver. But I can’t find one of my shoelaces so I think I will have to go barefoot. It’s good in a way; I don’t want the grasshoppers to know where I’m going. For they might want to come with me too. I could fit only 2 chairs on my hot air balloon. One for me, one for the firefly. You know Broom is peeping over my left shoulder to see what I’m writing. I’m pretty sure he will accompany me to the front porch and stand there till he sees my balloon becoming a tiny dot in the northern horizon and vanishing behind that white cloud which looks like a momma ship.

I’m going to leave you here, diary. On this planet. On this table, in front of this window so that you can invite the sunlight when he passes through this window for a nice and warm cup of tea. Actually it’s ok if you would like to invite the breeze also. But I don’t think that’s a good idea because those chocolate wrappers and old leaves follow breeze wherever he goes. Broom doesn’t like to work when I’m not here.

I may not come back, diary. I’m stacking the blankets here. The red one’s for you, the blue is for Broom, the green is for the grasshoppers, yellow is for the chickens, and I’m taking the black one with me on the balloon. The poor firefly gets scared when the thunder strikes. I will hide him under the blanket. Maybe someday, someone from Earth will land on this comet and find you. Tell him not to step on the grasshoppers and leave broom alone. He can eat the cookies in the jar at the kitchen but the bread crumbs are for the chickens.

Wait! Mom’s calling me. I think it’s the doctor again. He thinks I hallucinate and make up weird stories…
I will come back before the first thunder strikes.