Monday, September 23, 2013

Monday Morning Hues

I love the second half of the year much more than the first six months. I can hear the footsteps of the winter, the sky is cobalt blue with clouds like white ships without any hurry, the golden sunlight on the old wall of my veranda silently wishes me a good morning everyday, the coolness in the air, the love around me... it’s time to shake the sand out of my shoes and get back into the swing of things… joys of life. Oh I completely lose my mind at this time of the year.

Going to work on Monday mornings is not the same any more. I wake up early, realize that I'm still alive and greet the day with a smile. Then brush my teeth staring up at the clear sky with the eyes of a connoisseur (we have a beautiful open veranda in home). There was a time when this same guy was all grumpy, agitated and frustrated on Monday mornings. I cursed my luck, complained on Facebook, screamed abusive words, and did every other things I know to make others feel how bad I feel on Mondays. Most of them agreed, some didn't.

I realized this cannot continue for long. Am I going to waste every single Monday of my life? This cannot go on unless I can be the president of my country and ban Mondays forever. But then Tuesdays will become Mondays.

Or, I can listen to what Mondays try to tell me.

So I sat there calmly in my room on a lovely afternoon right after I had my lunch.
“Ajesh calling Monday, Ajesh calling Monday, can you hear me Monday? Over.”
Nothing worked. No one replied. I continued...
“Can you hear me Monday? Answer me, over.”

Then I heard a faint voice, like that of a baby ship suffering from cold.
“Yes Ajesh, I can hear you. Over.”

I realized I'm feeling a little uneasy suddenly.
“How would I know you are Monday? But not Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday?”

I swear I heard a smile, “did you realize you're feeling uneasy with me around? That's how you feel on Mondays. But I'm in a little hurry and you have something to ask, come to the point.”

I was convinced. “A lot of people, even me... hate you. But I don't want to hate you, I mean I do hate you but I realized I should not hate you. Make me understand why I shouldn't hate you.”

“You have a pen and a notepad ready? I'm telling you 5 points which can change how you feel about me.”

I quickly opened a new Office Word document and nodded, “yes, I'm ready... please proceed.”
Did I just hear a chuckle? Not sure, the baby-ship-suffering-from-cold began...

Point 1: Without me, you will never see a Friday. Just like the color black is essential to validate the existence of white, Fridays exist just because there are Mondays.

Point 2: There will be approximately thousands of Mondays in your life till you retire from work. You mean to say that you'll stay grumpy, agitated, and curse your life on all these days? Tsk tsk tsk! What a waste!

Point 3: I give you a new opportunity every week. But who needs an opportunity when you can update your Facebook status saying how bad you feel about me? This continues. Every week. Every month. Every year. Now count the number of opportunities you have missed already.

Point 4: You complain that “life sucks” but life's a very good friend of mine and he says that it is you who suck! You have a faint-heart, that's your problem. Both of us agreed, you suck!

Point 5: Watching you cursing Mondays and Life is so freaking entertaining. It's like watching a comedy show on TV with enough supply of cheese popcorns.

Before I could say anything to Monday, he was gone! I had this conversation with Monday a year back. Here I am on another Monday, sharing the secrets with my fellow faint-hearts.


  1. AWESOME... This might help me feel a lil better on Monday mornings :)...

    1. Yay! Even if it inspires you to feel a little good on Mondays, I'll be more than happy. :) Thanks a lot.

  2. I dont feel the blues of Monday as I treat it like any other day. Your post just made me feel better that yes there are people who think alike for Monday!! Another grt post from u partner!

    1. Greattt to meet another not-a-Monday-hater. :) Glad you liked this post so much, Shilpi. Thanks a ton. :)