Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Now that's a title!
I thought about this title last weekend when I was drunk.
And I kissed a girl.
Well I thought it was a girl until the next morning one of my friends told me that it was strange of me to kiss him last night.
I told you I was drunk and the music was quite loud.
In the morning I realized it was no music but the ringtone of my mobile.
Every time my girlfriend called me, I danced with the beats!
My mobile showed 17 missed calls in total.
But I was right about the lizard on the ceiling. It looked like a dragon but was actually a firefly.
I was really drunk and missed my girlfriend. So I sent her a text:
“I'm drunk! Come here baby... miss you.”
I had a reply from her, she was really pissed off.
The next morning I checked my inbox and saw a text from my boss.
“Retard! Double-check before sending me these creepy texts.”
And I thought it was my girlfriend!
Then one of my friends wanted to go home. I wanted to drop him.
From the 6th floor... but I don't remember anything like that.
The next day, they told me I wanted to drop him just because he wanted to pee.
I was so drunk last weekend!
Then I had 8 more pegs of whiskey and suddenly remembered that I had to call my mother.
She acted strangely on the phone. She went on telling me I was not her son!
I was so shocked and sad. Someone took the mobile from my hand and replied her something which I don't remember at all.
The next day they told me it was not my mobile at all. And that was not my mother either. She was a girlfriend of one of my friends.
Then there was this strong blow on my head. Everything became dark. How could my friends hit me just because I was drunk?!! I don't remember anything else!
Later, the next morning they told me we were having a bullfight last night. I was the bull.
And I ran towards a poster of John Lennon on the wall screaming “this is Spartaaaaa!”

I really don't remember anything.


  1. Hilarious Ajesh. :) :) Wish I was there to see you bullfighting with your friends. What a sight it must have been. :D

    1. Thanks a lot, Alolika. :) But I really don't want you to see me as a bull. Oh well... :)

  2. Hahaha...Booze can do a lot of things dear friend. What a hilarious read!

    1. Glad it made you smile, Saru. :D Actually right after this post I decided to control the amount of liquor. :D

  3. I really liked this one! This is how blogs should be! Funny! :D :D

    1. Glaaaaad you loved reading this post, Nayan. :) Your words are really encouraging.

  4. omg my stomach hurts....cant stop laughing :) Too good partner!!!!!

    1. Truth is funnier than fiction, partner. Whatta lovely comment from you. :) Thanks a ton!