Monday, February 27, 2012

For Whom The Bell Tolls

It's raining hard. I'm standing in a lone corner of the garden, staring at her for a long time. Will I go and propose to her? Will she accept it after so many years? Her husband and kids are there with her. Her family friends are also present. I cannot ruin her life like this! I definitely can't!

Damn! Why did I waste all these years and what am I doing here now? She could have been mine 8 years back on that rainy day in college. But, I was too busy with my career...

No! I cannot wait any longer. I don't care about social barriers. I need to confess my love to her. I need to let her know I'm still there for her...

I make up my mind and slowly walk towards her.

But it was too late. By then, the old priest had already covered her coffin!


  1. Speechless! A lovely short story and a brilliant depiction...

  2. Nice one, Ajesh. Enjoyed the build up. A small point - I felt the capitalization of the last word was unnecessary and actually took away from the beauty of the narration. Keep writing, my friend.

    Subho's Jejune Diet

    1. Welcome to my blog Subhorup! After reading your comment I went through the full post again and realized you are right! I have made the necessary changes :) Thanks a ton for showing me the error. Glad you liked the post buddy. Keep visiting!