Monday, February 27, 2012

To Read or Not to Read!

Why exactly are you here?

I may sound like a spiritual leader, but trust me I have no intention to be one. I just want to know, how you found my blog. How did you even know I exist? I guess Google… that backstabber is still directing people to my blog!

But, how can you do this to me? Yes, you! Do you have any idea how many valuable minutes of your life you are wasting here reading my blog? You know I’m not Shakespeare or any of his descendants. I’m not an established writer either. Then, why the hell on earth you are reading this crap post? Don’t blame me later that it was a complete waste of time. You can still go back to your own blog, or chat on Facebook, or any other place you want. But, once you start reading the next paragraph, there’s no way out! Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you.

Good, you are paying more attention to this paragraph. You are curious to know what I’m going to share that will hold you back.

Wait a minute man! So you were reading the first few lines of this post with half attention? Look, you might not like my blog, but don’t disrespect it. I might not be a good writer as you are, perhaps my blog is not as popular as Seth Godin’s, but why will you make fun of it?

Oh ya? Now you will claim you never disliked my blog! Then, there’s a ‘Like’ button on the top right corner of this blog. It’s a list of people who love my blog! Are you in that list? No? Look at you, I’m speechless! You aver that you don’t dislike my blog, but you haven’t 'Liked' it either. Then what does that indicate? You are bullying me. You are swaggering this not-so-established blogger!

What? You are already ‘following’ my blog? You liked it long ago? Goodness!Even after that you were reading this post with half attention? What a cruel world! How could you? I cannot even trust my readers now? Do you know how happy I was when I saw you the first time on this blog? I felt like hugging you! I… I… well if you are a girl then I can even consider a kiss or two. But, look at you! You have crushed my happiness, hope, and graciousness just because my blog does not have a Google page rank!

So, now it’s coming to class division I see. You could have criticized me or post comments stating your dislikes. But first you were not paying enough attention, and then you made it clear that you don’t like my blog, and finally you are irritated because it does not have a Google page rank! What have I done to deserve this? Why did I even write this post?

You still want to know why?

I will tell you, but you have to wait for the next post! If you don’t… hey! Don’t run away! It’s OK… I didn't mean to… hey… come back!

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