Monday, May 2, 2011

A Tribute to My Favorite Blog

Fortunately, I came across some of the best blogs on the internet. None of them are written for marketing purposes. They all carry the charm of individual personality. I believe if this was the nineteenth century, these authors would have written a large number of books and be known to the world as great writers. Well, it doesn’t matter whether they write books or not… but they are good writers! Perhaps they are wasting their talent, or probably they are not aware that they DO have a talent. This post of mine is to spread the name of one such blog author who doesn’t care about marketing. Who types, only because he has an obsession for words. Razor sharp, witty, and heroic words! He writes, because he cannot restrain the indomitable passion for writing. He writes to gratify his own self.

Blight-Rider is one such blog spreading the words of a great mind for quite a long time. Perhaps after reading this post, the author of Blight-Rider is going to pounce on me. But, I always wanted to do this. To all the people reading this post of mine, I just wanted to say… just click the link, there’s no advertisements, no Google Ads asking you to buy something, no popup windows… there are just words, mesmerizing words! A brilliant example of how every single word can be assembled together by a wizard (yes Anirban da, that’s what you are when you write) to form a hypnotic spell on his readers. So, next time you come across a simple looking blog that doesn’t carry a lot of HTML coding and eye-catching graphics to allure search engine traffic… do not close the browser instantly. Wait, look at the URL… is it

This post is a very little tribute to my most favorite blog.


  1. It's a good blog. Moreover i like the emotions that is being brought about via this piece of writing. Yes, this person in question - Hats off to him!