Saturday, May 14, 2011

Now I know…

It was a lonely afternoon, I was as usual a prisoner in my room busy with a blank canvas. There was a crow sitting outside my window trying to exchange a few words with me for quite a long time. Crows of North Kolkata are very much demanding these days. They are not happy with stealing fish from kitchen, my charcoal pencils, and even a watercolor tube from my study. Rebellions, you know. They are everywhere. They always want something extra.
I could hear the ‘trin-trin’ sound of trams rushing through the deserted roads madly under the scorching sun. There was stillness in the air. Everything seemed so dull and lifeless. It was as if the sun absorbed all the colors of life and put them on my palette. My restlessness slowly evolved as an agitation. I wanted to talk to someone. What will I draw? I’m alone. There’s no one to guide me. If now I stumble and fall down, no one is going to hold my hand…
I turned to the crow. It was patiently waiting for more than half n hour. I know what you were trying to say… I know what this is called… I know I can’t expect anyone to guide me anymore… I know I have grown up! I know I have some responsibilities. I may be 23, but I know I’m 45 inside my heart.
- “kkaw kkaw!” the crow nodded with approval and fled away. I told you, rebellions are here to change our world!


  1. Interesting! But from a personal point of view I don't think you should carry so much of this "responsibility" staff. It is there, almost all of us have to face it at some point of our life, but you are struggling here. I guess its your age who is getting strangulated. I personally like the crow image of our sob conscious mind! A good depiction ajesh. Looking forward for more posts

  2. Thanks Debi. It makes me feel good to have a reader like you :) Keep coming back.