Thursday, May 26, 2011

It’s Love You Idiot!

Words! Suddenly I fall in love with words! The brickbats came flying quite fast – Idiot! A writer like you cannot do much in the colossal world of literature!
It’s like discouraging a baby to dance who has barely learnt to walk. Nonetheless it’s true. I cannot write. My fingers cannot create magical spell on Microsoft word as they do on canvases. But here I am, like a worthless boy falling in love with a rich girl and dreaming… to be with her all my life. Overdose of aspiration I guess.
Trust me, I know you have countless rich lovers… Dukes and Princes, Kings and Knights! They will keep you happier than I ever can. They are not only rich, they are charming as well. You were never made for me. I am like that poor kid standing outside a cake shop staring at delicious cakes and pastries with anticipation that someday… someday…someday…


  1. Falling in love always has this 'someday' term interrupting the charm.....Well written..

    Good job!

  2. thanks Sneha! Glad you liked it. Stay tuned for more updates :)

  3. Ajesh, is this self talk real or imaginary?

    Btw, u can do wonders with words!

    tk cr


  4. Hi Restless... (sorry i still don't know your name). It's self talk and real... glad you liked it :)

    Take care.