Friday, March 25, 2011

Eli Eli Lama Sabatchhani

Ok fine, I don’t believe in the concept of God, and I’m tired of explaining to people why I don’t... You may have a complete faith in the existence of God, for you there’s someone special up there sitting on Clouds and looking down at us with a cynical smile on his lips, that’s fine!  But, for me the case is slightly different. Perhaps just because I’m so dumb, your God is willingly hiding his existence from an imprudent atheist who only sees clouds… minus any supernatural creature sitting on a big white throne!
Ahh, there you are… assembling people to wage a war against me! To you, I’m the representative of Satan! To you, anyone who doesn’t believe in the existence of God loves Satan! To you, anyone who hates Shahrukh Khan… is an obvious supporter of Amir Khan or someone who loves Sachin Tendulkar will essentially spit with hatred whenever he hears the name of Brian Lara!
How quick you assume things so perfectly! How fast you spread terrorism in the name of religion!
Yes, I’m an Atheist, but have I ever forced you to be the same? Then why there’s such an enormous tumult whenever I refuse to see things from your point of view? Why do you guys want to prove that your opinions are right? Why do you need to fight over Ajodhya and Babri Masjid for superiority?
Ahh, there I am… now you came to know why the hell I am suddenly posting so many futile words on my blog… either I am from the sides of Hindus or Muslims… that is what you think, eh?
How good you divide people so fast! How fast you kill people in the name of an invisible creature!
“Damn this boy, we don’t care about the crap he writes. We have a strong community of people those who are religious. If we unite, voices of these idiotic atheists are going to be drowned in the ocean of blood!” But in the name of God we won’t kill him, let him live… his own fate will punish him some day for committing such wrong acts. He will die like a dog; God will take care of him.
There you are once again! Incredibly fast of forming “your own community,” against the one you find intolerable! Astoundingly generous of leaving him to his sufferings without using AK-47 for once!


  1. You have written it beautifully but I'm not ready to see the world from an atheists point of view. You have a real style of writing i see, interesting post.

  2. Some one said "God is the concept of well fed men"
    Remember 'Swetketu and Uddalak' of "Man Anna moy"

  3. Thanks Nirupam! I agree with you... people who are busy with the progress of humanity don't have time for God...

    Personally, Swetketu is my favorite :)

  4. The difference between a good believer and a good atheist is that an atheist does not need the fear of hell to do good things.

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  7. Those not having the guts to face and accept the reality, blame it to the so called creator of the world- the God.I have it..........I am an Athiest