Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Dark Side Remains the Same

“Are you nuts? Wearing black t-shirt on such a holy day? You must be kidding…”
I turned back; it was my Aunty once again. Every time I wear a black t-shirt or Punjabi, she screams like a mad elephant! – “You know black is inauspicious! You shouldn’t wear black at home… you young kids take everything for granted, everything is easy in life like those fast foods you eat instead of homemade meals…!”
I couldn’t protest, because I knew nothing can change human dogmatism so easily. Arguments can only evoke new arguments! But, when I was a real kid I used to fight back with adolescent energies…
“Why can’t I wear black? It’s just a color, no one have the right mark a color as ill-fated… and how the hell on earth it’s inauspicious?”
“Look at this boy; no respects for the elders… look at the way he is arguing… the side effect of disproportionate westernization!!!”

That was ME… always ready to fight back for the things that irritate me the most. However, lot of water has passed under the bridge and that “side effect of disproportionate westernization” has finally realized the significance of “silence.”
I still wear black t-shirts almost 3-4 times a week (I have a great collection of quoted and graphic t-shirts man!). I still don’t believe that a color can bring adversities in a home! But, I have stopped going in conflict over irrelevant things! That is the legitimacy of life, you cannot fight against superstitious people… it is hard to alter dogmatism… people who can do such astonishing things are known as Saints in the pages of history! Clearly, I’m not a saint and I have no intentions to be one… so the best way to deal with these superstitions is, maintain a silence and keep doing what you think is right!
This is just a small example of superstition and dogmatism mingled together from a not-so-important corner of this planet. I am sure there are more such imprudent instances in almost every corners of earth. If we can’t protest verbally, we can do it in our own way… but never, never, never lay down your arms and become a hindrance to the progress of humanity! Lucky, that I have realized it…


  1. Lovely illustration of the dark side of our life. More than a writer, you are a good illustrator... your sentences are like images. Good post,like it.

    Do visit my blog :)

  2. Good one, totally agree with Anna. Love the way you help me see the images of your mind.