Saturday, February 12, 2011

Love Was Made For You and Me

It was just like any other day. There was nothing remarkable going outside, the scorching heat of the midnoon sun was setting aflame an unbearable and arduous tone that was annoying me incessantly for the last two hours. I was trying hard to concentrate on the books, exam was just a month away and I’m nowhere near the syllabus! An agitated mind was struggling to focus from the last two hours but every time he closer to the goal, there was a distraction. The same old distraction that has become the biggest hindrance of my life… it was a fair face with two inordinately beautiful eyes that convey all the secrets of a mysterious mind… I knew it was not the right time… but I was helpless, I was falling in her love at one of the most crucial time of my life without even considering the consequences that can wipe out my dreams one by one.

It all started in a cyber café near my residence. Just like many other boys of my age, I was desperately looking for a girl in my life. To me, chat portals were the only way to reach a large number of girls all over the world with no trouble. But, I couldn’t realize that an ordinary chat portal can become so influential to modify my life so hastily. I have heard of people meeting on social networking sites, falling in love and tying the knots at the end. How ridiculous! I used to think… a relationship is not that easy, people who fall in love on internet are either depressed or idiots. But, I couldn’t grasp that I was predestined to be one of the fools…
By now going to cyber café was an obsession for me. Every single day 2-3 hours of chatting was detrimental enough to reduce my life to rubble, but as I said… it was already an addiction and there are hardly any people who can willingly get rid of it. At least I didn’t have the ability.
It was 11:15am, I was about to sign in to a new chat room, all of a sudden…

-“Hi” it took me few seconds to land on the reality to apprehend that somebody was patting on my back softly. It was a girl… I couldn’t even say Hi to her; deep within my heart I already knew something was wrong. Assuming my baffled condition, she smiled beautifully and told – “I’m Sam… Sampurna, I think we were chatting with each other for the last 3 hours right?”

She was sitting beside me?? WTF! For the last 3 hours I was chatting with a girl without restraint only because I knew she was miles away… her virtual presence was enough relief for an idiotic introvert like me!
- “I need to leave now, are you coming out? We can talk outside”

By that time I have already managed to hide my bewildered, dim-witted reactions. She was as fair as snow, with full lips, a cute chin, and with a slight brownish touch on her hair, she was a real diva! A girl like her… I thought… won’t even think about me again if I am not going to appear as a well-groomed hunk! I paid the bill and came out of the café…

“We can meet again, isn’t it?” I was delirious to hear this from her mouth but disclosing my dim-witted reactions was not a good idea… I smiled and nodded gently, I wanted to know where… how, and when… for the first time in my life I was falling in love, slowly… but steadily.

We were crossing the road… suddenly there was a large howl, by the time I saw a bus overtaking a taxi just next to her… it was too late! Within a fraction of a second a dreadful noise of collision and an ear deafening brake paralyzed my entire body… at the last moment she held my hand and cried out in sheer panic… I couldn’t bear in mind the rest!

The last time I was jerked back to the world of consciousness… I felt I was in a moving vehicle… some faces were looking at me anxiously. Someone asked the driver to drive the car faster… there was mom and dad among those faces… mom was crying… and then it was a hot flash of red all over my brain…


  1. Thanks friend :) Glad you liked it! Stay tuned for more...

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  3. Your thoughts are beautifully portrayed.And it is dedicated to all

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