Monday, January 10, 2011

Shahrukh Knight Riders – A Team Without the True Essence of Bengal!

Once again history repeats itself! Despite of becoming the highest scorer for KKR in the last IPL, Sourav Ganguly, the former Indian and Knight Riders Caption has been rejected by all the teams… especially by his home team KKR!

Drawing an end to his long struggling career, Sourav finally proved the age-old proverb! “If you’re a Bengali and a successful person, you don’t have the right to sit on the top.”
Standing at this juncture, what if we ask Mr. SRK some simple questions?
What is the base of this surprising decision for not bidding the city’s greatest cricket legend? Is it just because of his poor performance? Well, if we do rely on the right statistics, he was the highest scorer in the last IPL.

Is it just because he is going to turn forty pretty soon? Then, what about those astounding catches that earned him the title of “one of the fittest man” in the last IPL? Those stunning catches even shocked hardcore Ganguly critiques and forced to give a second thought to pass comments about his fitness in the future. Just like all other experts, I also do not consider this as the major reason Mr. SRK, to think of a KKR without the existence of “Kolkata“ in it.

Is it entirely ego related? The very presence of Ganguly on the field is enough scare and make you feel insecure of your own position as an owner of the team? You might be a great actor, but you’re always doomed to fail as a leader Mr. SRK. Whether you accept it or not, experts’ comments are waiting with all the statistical evidences in hand! It is you who incredibly failed to choose a proper team in all the IPL and started making a fuss out of it on Twitter.

Yes, your name is Khan, but you are a fool indeed! You are accused of building a home team of Kolkata, without having a single “Bengali” player in the grid. What made you so wise? The entire city is holding their breath to know the answers of this question in this IPL.

Common, show us some courage by admitting the fact that the failure of the first few IPL burned a big hole in your pocket! You never loved cricket, all you wanted is to make money out of it. And what is a better way than investing in IPL which has tons of options to get rid of the Income Tax Department? But,you’ve commit a mistake! It’s like carrying a bunch of 100 rupee notes in your pocket without the official watermark of Indian Government on it! It’s like scheduling a bridal ceremony with loads of firecrackers without the presence of any bride in the mandap. Yes, it’s like coming to Eden Gardens without having the Maharaj of Kolkata in your money making squad!

For the time being, we can assure you of one thing Mr. SRK, you are never going to experience the same Eden like you did in the last few IPLs. You’re never going to receive the same admiration from this city, like you unfortunately had in the last couple of years. You are never going to make so much money despite of continuous failure of your “Shahrukh Knight Riders” like you did in the past.
You might be Khan! But that doesn’t give you the right of thinking yourself equal to the Maharaja! All the best for your IPL venture, Kolkata is eager to see the fate of SKR… your very own team “Shahrukh Knight Riders.”


  1. Yeah, this is not going to be a popular opinion (although the thundering silence this time is a nice contrast to the ruckus that was created the last time Sourav was removed), but Kolkata Knight Riders "belongs" to SRK. He owns the team. And yes, he is here to do business.

    And before starting to air our conspiracy theories let's take a deep breath and settle down. Not everyone who doesn't want to pay a couple of crores for Sourav is an enemy of the state. It was a business decision that he felt would net him more money. Whether it does or not is up in the air. If Sourav loved "his" team so much, why did he feel the need to jack up his price by a crore?

    Finally two things. First of all let us not start comparing Sourav's and Shahrukhs popularity with statements like "You might be Khan! But that doesn’t give you the right of thinking yourself equal to the Maharaja!" Sourav is sure to come out with the short end of the stick on that one. And the Kolkata Knight Riders is just a league team. Just like Manchester United does not have to field a player from Manchester, or the Washington Redskins need not have a player from Washington, the brand name of Kolkata Knight Riders can very well go on without Sourav Ganguly. And please don't insult this great city by suggesting that somehow it's very existence will cease if Sourav Ganguly is not around.

  2. @Deadman: You are logical and somehow very practical. But we Bengalis live on emotions. Yes, Kolkata is a great city but Sourav Ganguly is one of those rare people who made this city proud... and yes... GREAT as well!
    Shahrukh Khan is a popular youth icon all over India. Sourav can't beat him in popularity when it comes to the entire nation. But let us take a poll in Bengal and see who is more famous here. Saurav or Shahrukh.
    I think you are right, IPL is just copy of those foreign leagues and they are here to do business (with our emotions).

    Why wouldn't he ask for more money? Don't we feel good when our employers increase our salaries? That is the part of a life. But yes, you do have loads of points there. So, let's wait and see what is the reaction of the Kolkatans on Eden Garden once the "Money Premiere League" begins...

  3. Dropping Sourav was a bad business decision more than anything else. It'll be interesting to see how they manage to get collect revenues in Eden with almost the whole of Calcutta gearing up to abandon IPL matches.

    Otherwise, if you keep the business thing out of question, it was not a bad decision at fact the whole KKR team needs to be sacked and all their fans need to be compensated.