Monday, January 24, 2011

When Things Goes Wrong

 Every time life throws a new challenge and starts changing the older rules, I try my best to cope with the situation and feel like an optimist. Optimism is something that injects new hope in us and helps to get rid of the difficult situations of day to day life.

Personally, I have experienced both the negative and positive sides of life. At times I become extremely pessimist and when that cynic gets fed up with the continuous flow of depressing state of affairs there evolves an optimist who wants to survive and live a happy life. Unfortunately, none of them survives.

They both spend sleepless nights and depressed days with a hope that things will definitely improve. I’ve experienced some really awkward moments of life and I know there are even more difficult situations waiting in front of me. That frightens me.

There was a time when I seriously felt suicide is the only way out! Fortunately I couldn’t commit suicide because on the right moment life made me realize that I have some bigger responsibilities to fulfill. Those depressing thoughts still paralyze my mind.

Trust me I’m not here to be a “spiritual baba” someone who has all the solutions of living a happy and fruitful life. I’m just like one of you… trying to find a way out.

There are infinite numbers of people like me those who are frustrated with these “difficult times” of life. They are not ready to adopt any theories in their life and make it more intricate. We guys are wandering in the middle of nowhere with infinite number of unanswered questions in mind.

Life is not a theory; it can’t be defined by any doctrine or dogmatic religious views. People like me want to live a decent life without any hassles. People like me chew their dreams and live their life with infinite numbers of hopes. That is what keeps them going.

They are pessimist because life has very little gifts for them. On the other hand, they try to be optimistic because running away from life is not a solution for them either.

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