Friday, January 7, 2011

Waiting for You Jack...

Why do I find so many similarities between Pip of "Great Expectations" and my own childhood? Well, this is not going to be one of those "nostalgic" articles for sure. Once someone revealed, life is the best teacher and she was the worst learner perhaps... days have passed! Finally a fool has realized that, he is the second worst learner indeed!

Standing at these juncture, things have changed! Even that stupid boy has also learned to accepting some hidden rules of life. Now he hates everything related to his past... and wish to consult a doctor to wake up from the nightmare.

I know there are many such "Ajesh" out there who failed to disclose their capability on the right time. But, trust me guys, there was a time when I thought "this is the end of the road, nothing will workout... this was the story of a poor, crap immature lover, and from tomorrow onwards there will be one fool less on this planet..."

Still I'm alive! There are no secrets...there are no magical spell... luckily I realized that life is not a shit! There's no point of cursing life saying, "Ohh why moron, why me!!!" Life is not interested in such "WTF" words from a repenting soul.

Life is only for winners. If you are not trying to be a part of the game, get out of the field and no one else will bother anything about you. Trust me man, no one will cry except all the fun that you missed.
Life is much bigger than wasting your tears over past! Get out of your grave and poke your friends on Facebook!

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