Saturday, February 21, 2015

Here's to You, Maa

 I believe we can all unanimously agree that MOTHERS come in many forms. And in this post, I raise my cup of tea to salute you, Maa, wherever you are, whoever you may be.

*Coughs to clear throat*

So, here's to the new moms, overwhelmed, dizzy, exhausted and trying to figure out how she can fall in love with someone she has met a few minutes back.

Here's to the mom who struggles in labour when her husband fills out the hospital forms with shaky hands. Here's to the moms who buy books, join courses and attend classes to learn, dream and pray for someone they haven't even met. Here's to those veteran moms, who hold their breaths and stare at telephones for a good news from the other side.
Here's to the moms about-to-be, who spend sleepless nights burning the hope of flame in their eyes thinking, maybe the coming week...

And for the mom who lost her baby before seeing her! Stay strong and rekindle the flame of hope because your bundle of joy will come. You just don't know the right date yet.

Here's to the mothers of naughty ones who spend all days shouting, screaming, running, chasing, dusting, moping, retying shoe laces and kissing skinned knees. Here's to the mom who reads Alice in Wonderland every night and runs around chasing her little one to clip his fingernails.

Here's to the moms of adolescents who deal with teenage mumbles and grunts. Here's to the mom who cries and misses her little girl who used to walk holding her fingers and one who never wants to share anything with her anymore.
Here's to the mom who shares her own stories to inspire her little one, keep checking the time, supply chocolates and movie tickets on a regular basis and stares at the old photographs. Here's to the mom who shares the last bit of wisdom into the shortest time available before her baby bird flies away.

Here's to the mom of grown ups who only pray, cook and do laundry for their big ones who spends night with friends only to return home exhausted and drunk.

Here's to the moms who work 24x7 for her family. Here's to moms who are the true bosses. Here's to the city moms and small town moms! Here's to Hitler moms and best friend moms. Here's to strict moms with soft hearts and soft moms with strict hearts!

Here's to all the step-moms who embrace the joy of being a bonus parent without crossing the boundary set by the woman who was there before her. Here's to army moms who spend years alone while his little one protects the country for many other moms sleeping peacefully at their homes. Here's to moms who has gracefully handled ups and downs that would sound like a fairy tale to many of us.

Here's to the moms who have little ones struggling with physical limitations. Here's to them who gets up first in the morning only for her child even when she couldn't sleep well all night long.

Here's to the moms who always dreamt of having her own baby but encouraged someone else's kid into a successful adult he has become. Here's to all the sisters, nannies and babysitters who look after us with equal love and care that of a mother.

Here's to the mom who lets her child cook burnt pies on weekends and enjoys eating them. Here's to all the single moms who carry their little ones on their strong backs. And who do not have babies to make pancakes for them.

Here's to the greatest and most attractive cheerleaders I've seen standing outside fields under the scorching sun for hours only to see their child playing. Here's to the moms who takes us to nursery classes and wait outside all day long only to give us a sense of relief when we come out. Here's to the moms who drops everything and comes running when we need her the most.

Here's to the moms who can sense what's wrong and wrap us with her big furry wings when our friends or lovers leave. Whatever kind of mom you are or had, we're all blessed. And our best blessing is our moms.

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  1. Yes We're all Blessed ❤
    Respect to each and every mom out there, special in each and every way!!
    And a big Thumbs-up to the Writer who has felt and described each one of them so Perfectly :) :)
    It's Beautiful Ajesh, Beautiful and Overwhelming!!