Monday, June 24, 2013


You’re reading this.
Yes you! I’m talking to you.
Before you go to the next lines, let’s make a deal.
You read it right, a deal.
And that deal is you will read the whole post with a smile on your face.
Be it a fake smile, but do it… NOW!
No no, hold it right there. You cannot go to the next lines without a smile.
No cheating…
Good, there is the smile, not maybe on your lips but in your heart.
Now you know your heart can smile too! How weird is that?
You can smile inside without putting a smile on your lips.
So if you can smile inside, you can see inside, and hear inside…
Remember when you close your eyes and imagine things?
That’s it… that’s the eyes of your heart and they never need glasses.
Don’t tell me you don’t hum a favorite tune in your mind.
Hey, don’t forget the smile… we had a deal.
So, if your heart can smile, see, and hear… it can speak as well.
Remember how your heart used to tell that you are here to be a great dancer, a chef, a pilot, an astronaut, a designer…? Its fact that you don’t pay much attention to what it says.
But that’s not we’re talking about…

Once again, your heart can smile, hear, see, and speak as well.
Just like you.
So what are all these doctors saying heart is like a machine that can only pump blood… blah blah…
Right, that’s not your heart. All these things happen in your brain. I got it, smartass.
But hey, that means your brain can smile, hear, see…
Isn’t that weird???
You have another person inside your body.
Who reacts differently at times, like a complete different personality.

You stopped smiling long back, did I mention that to you?
Oh common! We had a deal.

So this inside-your-body personality, that nutcase who…
And…whisper in your ears.

…is maybe your heart, or brain, or soul.
Whatever it is, it’s not you.
Or maybe,
It’s the real you.

Then who’s the one outside?
An imposter? One who loves to see dreams then forget them?
One who can hear the real you speaking but ignore?
Now the imposter wants you to close this blog.
And the real one as well.
But the imposter will try to forget this post.
The real one won’t.
You’re to decide whose smile lasts.

heart and brain


  1. Your posts always make me smile partner ... This one was another brilliant verse from you :-)

    1. Thaaank you, Shilpi. :) It feels good when another great writer compliments and follow my blog so intensely. Thanks again!

  2. this is exactly what I needed right now. thanks much for bringing a smile to my face. :)

    1. Nothing happens by mere coincidence. Your need for a post like this maybe the reason behind my writing a post like this. Thank you, Trisha! :)