Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Where The Road Meets The Sun

night light

“Let me buy you a hotel room.”
“Oh, thanks but we have a tent with us.”
“Really? Come on, just let me buy you a hotel room up here in this next town.”
“We’ll be fine. Really. You’ve already helped us so much by picking us up. We weren’t expecting to get a ride at such an odd hour."
“I don't want anything from you in return. I just want to buy you a hotel room."
I was slowly losing my patience. "Thanks, but we would like to sleep in the tent."
"Okay. Then please at least don't say no to this.”
The old man gave me some money. I looked back at my friend over the seat, not knowing what to do with it.
“My daughter ran away last week,” he hides his eyes to the road through the windshield.
“Please," the old man says, "I insist.”


  1. OOOPS....another good one from u ya :-) Kool

    1. Wizards are bound to give the best. ;) Thanks a lot!

  2. Awesome. U r freakin good..

    1. "Freakin" That's the right word. :) Thanks, Debi. :)