Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Abide, O Dear Redeemer!

Tobacco causes cancer!

“Hey, it is written on the box! His voice was quivering.”
“Fuck man! Who cares?”
“No but... cancer?! I should have seen it before.”
“Coward! You would have stopped smoking for that? Seriously?”
“Goodness!, you won't understand!”
“What? How a picture of infected lungs can scare the hell out of you?”
“Damn! It's the same box... but never noticed it!”
“What would you do? Raise awareness? Stop smoking? Take legal actions against the manufacturers?”

A short pause. The church bell chimed.

He looked at his coffin and smiled.
“Dude, I could have lived a few extra years!”


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    1. Thank you Ramakant :) If it helps just one person to quit smoking, I'll be more than happy.

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  3. Ohh so kwel... Love the way you write ! :D :D :D

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    1. Yeah I've participated but quite sure about the result ;)

      Thanks a ton bro :)

  4. INCREDIBLE post. You know, I've been trying a HELL lot to make my dad leave this habit, and I understand how hard it is. This post is SOOO small, still it touched my heart. INCREDIBLE once again.

    I've been reading your blog lately, and totally LOVE it!

    If you don't mind, I would love to give you an award I made special for bloggers like you. You can read more here - http://thenikiller.blogspot.in/p/what-post-baby.html

    So, you'l have to contact me somehow... Can you comment your email address on m blog? Then I would be able to send you the HTML :)

    Great pieces of writing once again. You have a fan.

    1. Welcome to my blog Nikhil! Glad you liked this post so much. Please tell uncle that a blogger has requested him to quit smoking. At least for his own son!

      Thanks a ton for the award, you have made a kool image i must say. I'm honored and delirious. Will provide you my mail id pretty soon. Keep visiting and thanks for such a lovely comment!