Monday, April 21, 2014

Men Never Rape Women

Men never rape women. Why would they commit such an immoral and disgusting act? They will have to look up for the meaning of the word 'rape'. It’s always the women who provoke men.

Who asked her to go to the night club? It was bound to happen. Short skirts, long drinks, moving her hips lustfully... she even looked at some men, smiled. Enough reasons to walk up to her and ask her rate for the night. If she denies, wait till she comes out of the night club. Grab her by the neck, shut her mouth and take her inside the car. She deserves it. What a scene she created. Screaming and kicking all the way to the car. Of course she wanted to get raped, it’s just she didn’t know because she was drunk.

It was midnight when a patrolling police car found her lying unconscious on the road and a narrow stream of blood coming out of her body. Tut-tut! What a shame, smiled an old police man. These modern girls! They have no morals, no values, now she will get up and complain that she has been raped.

Men never rape women with great values.

It was raining hard and she had no umbrella in her bag. She had to get up on the bus quickly with the school bag on her back. Her school uniform was all soaked in rain, emphasizing her breasts and making her transparent in the public. All men in the bus could see it, the shape of her breasts. She covered herself with her school bag. Of course she wanted to show her body. Of course she wanted the conductor to touch her. That school girl with no sense of decency! It was the conductor's birth right to grab her breasts from the back as she got off from the bus. Certainly she will yell and cry, that’s what these girls pretend to do. No one cared. What does she expect? Indian government will send armed forces to protect her?

Men never rape women who cover their breasts with dupattas.

What do you mean men shouldn’t stare and whistle at passing girls? It's soon going to be added as one of the fundamental rights in our constitution. How can you blame these innocent men, she was beautiful! Such girls should take additional classes on how to dress modestly. But look at her! A skinny jeans, painted nails, kohl smeared eyes, red lipstick, high heels… of course she is doing it for attention. She wants to get raped down the street in that dark lane. There’s no doubt she will enjoy it thoroughly.

She wanted them to corner her and tore her t-shirt. Everyone knew that so they didn’t bother to help when she screamed and cried. They left her unconscious body in the dark lane and came out zipping their pants and buttoning their shirts.

Men never rape women who dress decently.

She went out for a short walk at 9:30 PM with her boyfriend. She must be from one of those modern families where they teach their girls to be whores. She must have had sex with all the men in the colony. These modern girls are born to be whores. So loose. They have no admiration for virtues and Indian cultures.

They stopped the couple near a park and beat the guy up. They took the girl in the park, pushed her down on the grass and tied her hands with her dupatta as each of them took his turn with her, multiple times. They left her after they were done, in the morning a regular jogger found her lying half dead and called the police. What’s the big deal? She wanted to get laid with so many men. God knows how many men she has slept with anyway.

Men never rape homely women who value Indian cultures.

He came in at 12 AM. She was doing the dishes fast. She could hear her heart pounding loudly as his footsteps were getting closer. Tears rolled down her cheeks, causing last night's wounds to burn. He grabbed her from the back. She wanted to vomit, he smelled whiskey all over. He took the plate from her hand and threw it in the sink and pulled her. No please! Not today! She screamed and begged. The wounds on her breasts still hurt. Her back ached so much that she felt her spine is going to burst.

He almost dragged her to their bedroom. Their son woke up and stared in horror. He shut the door with a loud bang, kicked her on the bed, and asked to take off her sari. Of course she did what he said. That’s what they say; do whatever your husband asks you to do. But look what a drama she made.

What do you mean men rape their wives? That’s so absurd. No such thing exists.

We all know it. Men never rape women. The police, media, division benches, and judges are simply confusing rape with consensual sex. If they look close enough, they will see that consent is always there. Consent is disguised in short and tight dresses, beauty, makeup, late nights, wet clothes, marriage certificates, screams, yells, and tears. God knows what more they do to show their consent. So what if most men think with their dicks? It's all consensual and consent might come right after you finish reading this.

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  1. I am proud of you ajesh after reading this blog post. Just brilliant. This is undoubtedly one of your best and most powerful pieces of writing... loved reading it.

    1. Thank you, Aka. :) Such great words! Wish I could share this with more and more men.

  2. I am proud of you ajesh after reading this blog post. Just brilliant. This is undoubtedly one of your best and most powerful pieces of writing... loved reading it.