Friday, December 20, 2013

Roshni's Treasure Hunt

Roshni was eagerly waiting for the final bell in school. Grandma said, she will send her a box.
When she came back home, it was there, a large box, sitting on the table.
Grandma had a special way of sending books when she couldn't come in person.
Sometimes she sent them wrapped in cardboard boxes. Roshni loved to call them treasure chests!

“Maa, look! Grandma has sent me a box!” She cried out! She could hardly wait to find out what's inside.

After she opened the cardboard box, she found 3 more boxes inside with a note that says “Each box will tell you new stories.”

Roshni opened the first box. There was an old lipstick in it.
“Oh my god! That's mine!” Her mother took the lipstick from her hand. Her eyes looked nostalgic.
“You know, this was the first lipstick your grandma gifted me when I was in high school. I never had any cosmetic, I wanted one so desperately...”

Roshni realized she has never seen her mother so emotional, that too about a lipstick.
“I didn't know you love cosmetics.” Roshni said, surprised.
She never saw her mother wearing makeup.

She couldn't wait to open the rest of the boxes and hear the next 2 stories.

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  1. Receiving gifts which are connected to your past really make you happy.... Beautifully expressed Ajesh!