Thursday, December 13, 2012

To Whom It May Concern!

School had finished a few hours back.
But he was waiting in front of the school gate, hoping mom will come to take him home.
It was getting late, his feet hurt.
He couldn't wait in school, the gatekeepers and boys were laughing at him.
Like they always do.

What's taking her so long? He thought.
Maybe, she is busy cooking something special for me.
Or perhaps she is on her way, let's wait for a few more minutes.
There's no one he can ask to drop him home.
Besides, he still remembers what his mother told him the day when he went to school all alone.
“Never talk to strangers. Never.”
Today he is a teacher of the same school.
But mom is nowhere in his life.


  1. Nice and awesome blog forever. Thanks a lot for share. Like and love this kinda of blog.

    1. Thank you, Patrick! :) Keep visiting, keep smiling.

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