Friday, February 10, 2012

The Wizard is Back!

I don’t know what took me so long to write the first blog post of 2012. Some of my readers have been asking me for quite a long time, what happened to my blog? Why am I so silent?

I needed time. I was silent but not inactive. In this one month, a lot of things have changed. Change? Isn’t that constant? Yes, but sometimes when a lot of changes happen within a gap of just one month, then you are bound to notice it more than you ever do.

We change every single minute. Perhaps I’m sitting in front of my computer but the planet is moving constantly. It’s a matter of realization. How many times you consciously think in a day that you are walking, eating, sleeping, or even having sex on a planet that is moving continuously? If one day the speed of earth’s rotation suddenly gets doubled, you will notice the changes. Similarly, my life was changing at its own speed. But, suddenly one day I woke up and saw the world I used to live in is not the same world anymore. It has changed. And this time, completely for the better.

Very few of us can accept changes happily. I’m not an exception. At first, I could not believe that so many things can change so rapidly. Then, when I realized it has changed and I have nothing to do other than accepting them, I started cursing my luck. I could not realize earlier that I know so many swear words. I acted like a cry baby for a few days, spend some sleepless nights, could not eat some of my most favorite dishes, and did not answer my phone no matter who called. Trust me, if you ever want to learn how to repent and feel miserable for the full day, I can teach you better than anyone ever can.

My friends sometimes complain whiningly, I get bored too quickly. Luckily, this time my boredom acted like a knight in shining armor. Just like the day I found everything has changed around me, one fine afternoon, I realized I’m bored! Tremendously bored of living a life that is full of frustrations. Then it happened. A guy of 24 wanted to dance like one of those sexy cheerleaders of English Premiere League. Heck! Not for me, but for the amazing changes that made my life so colorful.

If the word “change” can be personified as a pretty girl, I felt like making love with her. If change is as tasteful as McDonald’s chicken nuggets, I’m ready for a happy meal. If change is like flying high without any strings attached to my legs, then I’m not a kite. I would love to be a Siberian migratory duck.

When the initial period of lunacy was over, my legs were aching, and I had to look for my inhaler. I was out of breath, but not out of mind. Within a few minutes I felt like dancing like a mountain goat (Well, I do have seen them dancing when I was a kid). But why? What’s the reason behind this inexhaustible energy and sudden insanity? I switched on my computer and started writing this post!

From my entire childhood, I have always chosen the wrong path. I started drinking at a very young age. I had physical relations at an age when most of my friends were scared of buying or renting porn CDs. I wanted to paint for the full day, but I had to study. I was supposed to go to Art College but I became a literature student. I didn’t even realize I was looking for someone special but end up falling for someone who was never mine. I wanted to do anything for her, but didn’t realize she already has everything. I was in search of someone who will understand me, but didn’t realize that no one… I mean it… no one will ever be able to understand my emotions, impracticality, dramatic thoughts, and absurd ideas.

I have done the same mistake, again and again. But, that’s not something I’m famous for. I write a blog named “Wizard is Back” because even after choosing the wrong path, I always took the right one. That is exclusively meant for me. It took me 1 month to realize that the changes I was repenting for, is here to help me. They are here to help me write… “Yes I was wrong, but now I can proudly say I’m back! Rather… the wizard is back.”