Friday, December 16, 2011


No – Ma'am, it's a boy!
No – You can't play now, finish your homework.
No – I don't want to see you with those friends again.
No – You are a nice guy, but I have someone else in my life...
No – Sir, I afraid you are not selected.
No – When I was in your age, I married your mom.
No – Dear! It's a boy... you have become a father!
No – Dad, I want to play!
No – I love this girl and I'm going to marry her Dad!
No – Sir, no letter from your son yet.
No – More red meat my friend. Start exercising. It's good for your heart.
No – Ma'am, his condition is not good, don't talk to him.
No – Ma'am, I'm afraid he is not responding...


  1. Ah... the no-nonsense timeline of an average male... No-t bad, no-t bad at all! :)

  2. Hey Ajesh. Lovely post. cheers :)

  3. Thank you Synchro :) Life is mostly based on two simple words - yes and no! Either you do it, or you don't. There's nothing in between. Glad you enjoyed it. Stay tuned for more updates :)