Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Day He Escaped From His Cage

It was a lonely afternoon, the scorching mid noon sun was departing towards the west in a very leisurely manner. City roads were all deserted by the crowds and the bustling places which were usually packed with teenagers in the evenings are all forsaken with their daily odds and ends. He didn’t have anything to do but sit and observe the grayish sky outside the window. He could have started another painting but somehow that mood was missing… he was helplessly looking at his world losing the entire colors of his life inch after inch.

“Will I ever smile again? Will I ever live all the minutes of a day without hovering upon depressing thoughts and agonizing tensions?” - He closed the diary. Once again it was the same thing… that mood was lacking! Nothing can be done, he sighed! A lonely gust of air embraced the roadside trees hastily and some of the leaves fell down and touched the ground quietly!

Deep within his mind, he was all prepared to hear such words. But, this time he didn’t want to shift his focus… this time he didn’t want to wake up from his dreams! From the day he started understanding the tangible meaning of the things happening around him… he knew his life was destined to endure agony. He knew nothing will change… time is the best healer and he has the worst tolerance perhaps…


  1. The day you realize the truth..that will be the day, you will truly be free.

    Nice piece bhai!

  2. You have got the true meaning of the post! Thanks :)