Friday, January 28, 2011

Have You Accomplished Your Goals?

In order to write a sentence as it should be, you need to think about it before you begin your writing. Every great work must have a proper planning or else dreams will turn out to be a fuss and you will by no means be able to see those dreams taking shapes in realism. For instance, we all dream of becoming something that fascinates us from our childhood. But, very few of us can successfully achieve his/her dreams. People, those who can effectively accomplish their dreams are often referred as super humans or someone with a god like demeanor. But, are they really born with some extraterrestrial talent? They are highly talented but that talent is not enough to make them triumphant or more precisely accomplish the task and grab what they have dreamt of.
There’s something called planning. That makes the entire difference between the sides that fails to achieve and those who can actually touch the sky. Proper planning is the first major step of accomplishing bigger goals of life.
People who do not succeed in life and end up being an ordinary employee, people who can’t achieve their dreams often fail to become conscious about the lack of proper planning. They blame their fate and hope for some kind of supernatural assistance. They argue, “There was a plan” but simply it didn’t work out.
This world is a history of some self-assured people those who understood “they CAN.” Despite of failing 999 times, they refused to give up, tried one last time, and finally achieved what they have dreamt of. That makes the entire difference between people who give up so easily with those like Napoleon Bonaparte or Thomas Alva Edison. If you couldn’t achieve your goals despite of having a plan, then that plan was not “planned” enough. Rather, not passionate enough! Only those people are eligible to create history on this earth who passionately believes “I CAN.”

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